Careers @ Pinnacle

We at Pinnacle know that “Our People” are our largest asset and the reason for our rapid success. Our staff are also our biggest advocates, see below for some quotes from our current staff.

As builders and project managers, we believe our reputation is strong in this industry as a result of our staff. We strive to create an environment that is enjoyable and exciting for all. Our facilities across all offices are excellent and always ensure our staff have the latest technology available, giving them the ability to complete the required role and task at hand. Our staff are happy and fulfilled and know that hard work and dedication does not go un-noticed.

Here at Pinnacle we place huge importance on finding the right candidate for every role within our company, ensuring we always have a desirable place for our employees to work.

We invest in our staff new and old accordingly and are always looking for ways to better or further careers for those showing initiative and dedication in their role. Training and development are readily available and allows our staff to follow their chosen career paths and dreams.

Work- Life Balance is a big part of our ETHOS. We know our staff work hard! Flexible work options are given when required and enables us to maintain a happy and healthy balance between work and life!

We really value our workplace culture and believe it is the key to success…

“My position within Pinnacle is more than a `job’ it is a passion, being a part of the projects from conception to completion, I am proud to work with such an innovative, assiduous & supportive team ( family).” Malcolm Goad – Senior Project Supervisor

“I am grateful of the opportunity Pinnacle has given me to supervise many high profile jobs and enjoy working with a very professional & supportive team” Steve Armstrong – Senior Project Supervisor

Pinnacle is always striving to improve itself and at the same time giving individuals the motivation and encouragement to achieve their desires.
My job allows me latitude to make decisions and implement them in order to get the job done. At the end of the day I can look back and see what I have been able to accomplish with a great feeling of satisfaction” Stephanie Eustace – Senior Office Administrator